Campaign Winter 2017 | Fragile ~ Maternity fashion

Campaign Winter 2017

Dressing Precious moments

Don’t panic

There is no reason for maternity to imply a departure from your own stylish look, or for you to suddenly start wearing a tent! After all, if you are engaging a medical specialist to see you through your pregnancy, your wardrobe is surely deserving of the same degree of attention! Are you feeling overwhelmed by all these physical changes? Don’t panic! The sales staff at maternity shops are genuine specialists and know perfectly which clothes will suit your body best. At Fragile, you will find hip and trendy dresses, comfy jumpsuits, great sweaters, mid-length skirts and sexy party outfits. We genuinely want you to feel fantastic. After all: we are dressing special moments!



Celebrate your pregnancy!

Enjoy this special time in your life and dare to dress for it!

Besides some great outfits for everyday wear, we also offer great clothes for festive occasions. Of course, as a mum-to-be you will be the centre of attention at every party, so we don’t want you looking any less fashionable than the other ladies! Pleated skirts, complete looks in elegant velvet, glitter from head to toe: you’ll feel fabulous! And don’t reserve these looks only for parties; celebrate your pregnancy every day! Why shouldn’t you?



Think ahead, think durable

After the birth, your former clothes may not be comfortable straight away. Perhaps you will also want to breast-feed your baby, but getting yourself to a shop for lactation-friendly clothes with a new-born baby may not be so easy. Fragile has taken this into consideration. Not only have we made sure that you will be able to continue to wear your maternity clothing after the birth, we have also provided numerous dresses and tops with a subtle, inconspicuous lactation function. Not only will this let you save valuable time after the birth, but it will also help you to stretch your budget (leaving you more to spend on champagne, sushi and baby clothes, etc.).


Shop, shop, shop!

Don’t delay shopping

Why wait to buy your first real maternity clothes until you have already passed the half-way mark? The sooner you buy these beautiful maternity clothes, the longer you will be able to enjoy them! And that’s not all; our clothes are geared towards maximum comfort, so that you will never have to experience any pinching or tightness.